How to clean stainless steel with natural ingredients

Keeping your stainless steel appliances streak free and looking like new can be easily accomplished with natural products you probably already have on hand in your kitchen.
This stainless steel shine booster is easy to make but will need to be used right away as you are mixing baking soda and vinegar together to create a chemical reaction. I personally have found the bubbling action from this gets rid of small particle dirt and really leaves a shine

Let's gather the supplies you will need to make your own DIY Stainless Steel Shine Booster:

* Glass Spray Bottles

* Baking Soda ( I buy in bulk)

* White Vinegar

* Isagenix Lemon Oil

* Hot Water


 Here are the simple steps to follow:

Step #1:  Add 1 teaspoon of Baking Soda to your glass jar. You may want to use a small funnel as well. 

Step # 2: Add in 10 drops of Isagenix Lemon oil this essential oil is 100%

Step #3: Add in 4 oz of Hot Water. This doesn't need to be boiling, you can run your kitchen tap for several minutes to get some hot water.

Step #4: Add in 3oz of White Vinegar. you should get some bubbling reaction when the vinegar is added into the bottle. 

Add a label and your all set to have your stainless steel appliances shining like new. 

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