Googlebait: About Us

Message From The CEO OF Googlebait:

"In our experience a bigger team equates to bigger drama and headaches - mo' money mo' problems if you will.

Therefore, we only accept about 10-15 clients at a time to maintain the highest level of service for our VIP clients.

We are almost at our limit so please click the button below to schedule a Free Googlebait Strategy Session today.

And, If you would like to join our affiliate sales team, please email"


Want to improve your overall visibility from non-paid traffic in search engines?

You'll need to develop a strong presence and authority within your niche along with on-site optimization, and a solid and consistent content strategy all while staying compliant with the latest and legit SEO practices and guidelines.

Overwhelmed by the tech talk yet?

Googlebait is a unique SEO company because we strip all the "fluff" and busy work out of your SEO practices and content strategy.

We take all the "weight" and clutter off of your website so that you will get traffic from non-paid organic Google search traffic while still being able to write your web pages and landing pages for humans' sake so that they convert and sell to your ideal clients and customers without sounding like a robot.


  • Auditing - We do an in-depth audit of what you are currently doing as far as your website and SEO practices. We also make sure that your systems, structures, web copywriting, and funnels are in place so that when the traffic starts, you capture and sell your ideal clients. If this is not in place we'll get you in touch with the support you need to complete this process.
  • Keyword Mastery - Build your content around words your ideal client/customer is actually Typing Into Google - no more guessing!
  • Content Strategy - We build pages that are lightweight and organic Google search friendly to increase traffic to your website so you can convert and close ideal clients/customers.
  • Measurement - We continue to evaluate and make subtle changes to your SEO strategy so you stay ahead of your competition.