Search Engine Optimization Re-Engineered

Google® Bait Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different than the hundreds of SEO companies emailing me and calling me every month?

Everyone else focuses on your site and wants to rewrite your all your web pages. They will charge you lots of money to do this and, in the end, it probably won't make any difference. We want your site written to draw in humans and sell. Our pages are built to enhance your site, drive new customers to your site, and do well in organic searches, but not to rewrite it. This is based on the principle that Google treats every page on your site as a stand-alone page - or mini website in itself if you will. Googlebait pages will perform better than your existing pages and that's good. They will be written for words people actually search for.

Which services do you provide?

Website SEO Audits, Keyword Research, SEO Strategy, Content Creation, Web Page Creation and Consulting. We do not provide link building services but during the SEO Audit, we will provide you with quality link sites and guidelines. You can do this yourself. (We can provide an outside service if you want)

How much does it cost?

Unfortunately, one program doesn't fit everyone. Fill out the intake form, schedule a time to talk, and we will look at your site and your competition before the call. We will have a better idea of your needs after we know who you are. For a LIMITED TIME, payment plans are available. We can customize a payment plan to fit almost any budget.

Is there a long-term contract?

No. Starterbait takes a couple of weeks to compile all the data and analyze it. Clickbait is designed to be completed in about 6 weeks. Masterbait (with Starterbait and Clickbait included) will run for about 13 months. Depending on your needs and industry, we continue after the 13 months with Rebait. All of this will be explained in detail before you pay anything for the service.

Can you provide references?

No. We never publish a customer list. Client privacy is important to us.

Have you worked in my industry before?

We have a combined 45+ years experience working with hundreds of clients in hundreds of industries. Chances are we know your industry.

Do you work with my competitors?

We never take on a direct competitor. We keep your secrets and we want you to succeed.