Hosting Speed

CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Google likes fast sites. SEO points depend on a fast server.

A CDN reads your site and serves it from their server network. There are a lot of options out there like Amazon CloudFront, Akamai Edge, Fastly, and, my favorite,

We use because it's very fast, easy to set up, has a "never expire" SSL, and it has a free option. Ever other company charges for services and bandwidth and doesn't render your site any faster. Lofo is a perfect complement to or any web server. is very fast but Cloudflare offers something can't provide. They have servers globally. They read your site and serve it from the nearest server to your client. This reduces router lag because there are fewer hops.

Between's LetsEncrypt AutoSSL and's flexible SSL your site is fully encrypted up and done stream. This alone will save you hundreds of dollars on SSL certificates. also hides your real IP address from hackers. It doesn't make your site hack-proof but it does make it more difficult because the hacker can't get a direct route to your server via the IP address.

DNS is much simpler to maintain. When we moved from to all my sites became a add for a couple of days. takes 24 to 48 hours to propagate the DNS addresses. Cloudflare takes about 30 seconds. (Remember: NO Daddy!)

Cloudflare's "Always Online" feature means if your server goes down people can still see your site. This is cool but has limited value. If your server goes down there is no way to send emails or make database queries. But it's still cool.

All your domains are under one login. It makes changing things really simple.